Retail Architecture – Architecture for retail stores, brands, interior design | Panama

Store design involves not only creating spaces that attract customers and sell products, but also creating beautiful interiors that define a brand. Functional and...

Mapping and Topography with Professional Drones

At Multitask Technology we offer large terrain mapping services, aerial photography, and we also sell professional drones, as well as training  for their use in large inspections, engineering companies, appraisals, insurance companies, among others.

3D Printing Service in Panama with delivery 

3D Printing service for all designers, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, graphic designers, 3D artists, etc. Send your STL.

Upgrade Your Panama Business with Our Point of Sale with Inventory Control System and Electronic Invoicing!

Still dealing with outdated fiscal printers and communication devices? Stop wasting time and welcome the future of business transactions with Multitask Technology's electronic invoicing...

Transform Your Business with Electronic Invoicing in Panama

In Panama, the adoption of electronic invoicing has become a mandatory requirement for new companies (RUC) and government suppliers. As the market transitions away from traditional fiscal printers, businesses of all sizes are embracing the digital transformation offered by Multitask Technology.

Electronic Invoice Software for New Companies in Panama

We offer a POS system with Electronic Invoicing for retail businesses and an ERP system with Electronic Invoicing for distribution companies and business chains.

Why use 3D print for prototyping?

We use the best FDM 3D printers in the market and high quality filament to deliver quality products.

Architectural Services in Panama City, Panama

As licensed architects, we offer concept design development and preparation of construction documents for a wide range of projects as part of our architectural services in Panama: houses, buildings, retail stores, and more.

We 3D Print custom boxes for your geeky projects!

3D Printing services in Panama City, Panama. We print custom project boxes and more. Contact us!

Drones for Professional Users in Panama

Discover why it's better to use professional drones instead of consumer drones and how they are used in different industries. We offer professional equipment and specialized training for corporate clients.