Mapping and DJI Drone Flight Training

Training Services

Forget about drone flight training "online" or a crowd taking a workout together.
Our courses are personalized or very small business groups for you to make the most of.
We offer training in:
Basic flight so that your new drone does not crash.
Mapping with Drones, for those who use their drone professionally in the field of surveying, engineering and others.
Custom tailored training.
We have the experience, the infrastructure and the comfortable parking lots.
We also have technical support.

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Image Processing

DJI Drone Repair Services

Aerial Views and Mapping

Mapping Software


We sell PIX4D, the leading software for photography and mapping from drones.

Special orders

Special Orders

If you are looking for professional drones or accessories you can order through Multitask Technology.

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Why us?

Our company has been in the market for 10 years and our DJI drone service started since the first generation of the phantom drone.

In addition to marketing and repairing drones, we are drone pilots and carry out aerial shots and photogrammetry for projects, which is a plus when it comes to advising the client on all issues related to their UAV equipment.




We have partnered with Altitude Geospatial Inc. to fill the gap between manufacturers and users of laser and imaging instruments. Altitude Geospatial Inc. is equipped to help users manage their projects, generate mission efficiencies, perform data collection, processing and analysis, system integration, troubleshooting services, and equipment validation, all in an accelerated time frame.

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