Software Development


Multitask POS with E-Receipt

The most important tool for the management of your company. It allows you to manage tasks related to the sale, now with e-receipt, you can sell, manage the inventory or generate reports that help in the management of your retail business, big or small.

Multitask ERP with E-Receipt

ERP or "Enterprise Resource Planning" allows the planning of your business resources, as it integrates the operations of your company, so that you can take control of your inventory, make reports, make decisions in a timely manner, among many other facilities, improving logistics and avoiding losses of your merchandise. Recommended for large companies and distributors.

Our Expertise


We are Software consultants, we use the system development life cycle (SDLC) process.

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Programming and Implementation
  • Tests
  • Evaluation

Database Administration

  • MYSQL Server
  • SQL Server

Programming and Implementation

We develop custom software solutions for all types of companies.

Our professionals are in Panama to assist you personally.

Equipment Installation and Configuration

We offer software and equipment packages, configuration, training and maintenance.

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC):


In the software development methodology, the first step is the ANALYSIS.
This analysis consists in determining the problems to be solved and the opportunities, needs or objectives of the system. This includes receiving feedback from users, and even customers and vendors.


Once the requirements established during the analysis have been approved, the system is designed, marking the rules and process diagrams, as well as exceptions, hierarchies and screen diagrams, in order to start the software development.

Programming and Implementation

This is the part of the process in which the program code is developed with the most efficient programming language and improvements are being made while programming and developing executables.


These tests are done while coding, they are essential to avoid process errors. The modules, the program, the product are evaluated and even evaluated with the consumer, so that errors are found in time and achieve a reliable product.


During the implementation of the software, topics such as its integration and adaptability are evaluated.

Other Products

POS Hardware

Complement your workstation with the best equipment for the good performance of your sales in all types of businesses, stores, pharmacies, restaurants, offices, etc.

We offer sale and installation of:

POS and POS Software
Money Box
Receipt Printers
Bar Code Readers

Customer Support


Our software is very easy to use, however we offer training videos.

Tech Support

We have support plans and staff training.
Our support is local. Additionally we offer structured cabling service, installation of routers, hardware repair, among other IT solutions for your business.

We are experienced software developers

Our trajectory throughout more than 20 years of software development and our clients in Panama confirm this.
Our software products were developed by us under local regulations.
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