Multitask ERP

ERP or “Enterprise Resource Planning” allows the planning of your business resources, as it integrates the operations of your company, so that you can take control of your inventory, make reports, make decisions in a timely manner, among many other facilities, improving logistics and avoiding losses of your merchandise.

MULTITASK ERP is an in-house designed system that, unlike other systems on the market, allows us to adjust to the particular needs of your company. We also offer monthly plans for maintenance, support and updates.



Our software is very easy to use, however we offer training (via zoom for now), and we have space to host business groups and comfortable parking spaces once the health authorities allow group meetings as such.

By choosing our maintenance and support plan we can help you quickly when you have any questions or unforeseen problems.

We are experienced software engineers

Our trajectory over more than 20 years of software development and our clients in Panama confirm this.

Our payroll, point of sale and erp programs were developed by us under local regulations.

We are able to customize the program for each company as an additional service.

Meet our product Multitask POS

The most important tool for managing your company, as it allows you to manage tasks related to the sale, such as creating and printing the tax invoice, managing inventory or generating reports that help in the management of your business, big or small.

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