Service for 3D designers who need to materialize their designs

Are you an industrial designer, architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, graphic designer, 3D artist?

If the answer is yes and you create 3D designs with specialized software, it is most likely that you want to materialize your designs in 3D.  Many designers need a 3D printing service for an exposition, a prototype, to show their teachers, peers, clients, friends, or to make a gift to someone special!

At Multitask Technology we use the best FDM 3D printers and high-quality PLA filament to manufacture the designs that you send us in 3D. Too easy:

  1. Send us the 3D design in STL format to

*Remember to tell us the number of objects.

*We print up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm, so if your object is larger, you must send the design cut to print in pieces that you will assemble later.

*Indicate print color. We print in a single color to choose between black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, gray.

*If there are several objects, please send each one in a separate STL file.

*Remember, an STL file is absolutely necessary, we do not quote with images or concepts, nor do we scan objects, the file must be ready to print.

*Indicate address to send (in Panama).

  1. We quote.
  2. You pay by ACH (wire transfer).
  3. We print and deliver.

If you are not a designer but still need a 3D object, we recommend looking for designs in the online collections of:,,,

In these sites you will be able to find thousands of objects, send us the STL or the link of the file. Please remember that we do not make modifications, we don’t scan, we don’t design.  The STL file is a ready to print object.  Our service is 3D Printing service only.

At Multitask Technology we have been offering 3D printing services for years, so we have the experience you need. Our 3D farm works 24/7 to make our deliveries faster.

Contact us:  

Tel. 836-7132