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We Sell New DJI Drones

Tech Support

Repair and Accesories

We diagnose and repair your DJI drone. In our workshop we receive crashed drones, update requests, accessories requests, change of parts (shell, propellers, antennas, gimball, board), etc.

We have a flat fee for diagnosis, and the repair fee will depend on the damage of the drone.

What makes us different?

Our company has been in the market for 10 years already and our DJI drone service started with the first generation of the phantom drone.
In addition to commercializing and repairing drones, we are drone pilots and we perform aerial photography and photogrammetry for projects, which qualifies us to advise you on all issues related to your UAV equipment.

New Drones - Visit our Showroom

DJI Dealers

We have DJI Drones in stock and if you require a specific model, special orders are made.  Come to our showroom and get to know our products and services.

We are centrally located within the city and have comfortable parking space for your convenience.

Groups or individuals


We offer the following training:

  • Basic flight: so that you do not crash your new drone.
  • Mapping with Drones: for those who use their drone professionally in the field of topography, engineering and others.

We offer training for companies or individuals. We have offers in accelerated courses on Saturdays, contact us for more info to

IT Solutions and More

Other Services

  • Software Development
  • Software Store (POS system, ERP, Payroll)
  • Computer Repair
  • Structured Cabling (Network and Communications)
  • Security Cameras (Surveillance Systems)
  • 3D Printing
  • Architecture (Residential and Commercial Design)

Contact us

We are located in Chanis, Ave. Principal y 110 1/2 A Este. 

Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Phone (507) 836-7132