If your DJI drone had an accident or it just doesn’t work after been stored for a long time, bring it to our tech support for diagnostics and repair.

These events are inevitable, and you might feel dissappointed, but don’t leave that crashed drone in a box, you may still be on time to fix it.

For a basic fee we diagnose your drone and let you know the cost of the repair for your approval.

We also work in giving you a quick answer in all our repairs so you can go back to the air in no time. We diagnose, calibrate, do firmware updates, replace parts and do all sorts of repairs. If you already have the new part, we install it for you.

We have fixed crashed drones, drowned equipment, sandy and dusty parts, broken parts, it’s surprising how many of them can be fixed, so don’t loose your hope.

We are drone pilots, do mapping, image processing, we also have new drones for sale and we’ve been repairing DJI drones since their first generation.

So if you have a broken DJI drone and you are in Panama, contact us or come to our shop (Mon-Fri 8am-12pm), you can look for us in Google Maps, as Multitask Technology, we are located in Chanis, Panama City, Panama.

Contact us:

Tel. (507) 836-7132



*Because of Covid-19, all flight traininig is suspended till further notice.

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