Due to COVID-19, the need has arisen for 3D manufacturing of new objects to make work and daily life safer and safer.

Such is the case of the door openers, the visors (face shields) and something that we did not know before or was not so common: ear savers.

But what are ear protectors, ear covers, ear guards or ear savers?

After so many hours of work using masks, the ears are irritated by the elastic bands. Imagine this situation every day for 8 or more hours.

The 3D designers of the world got creative and have designed dozens of ear protector models, which are nothing more than adapters so that the masks are fixed on them and not on people’s ears.

They are very simple and adapt to different sizes, in addition to allowing the mask to fit better on the face.

We have different models of ear guards for sale in our online shop and if you have a specific model send us the STL file to quote.

Enter our virtual store or write to us: ventas@multitask.com.pa

Choose this and other models in our virtual store.

Welcome to our virtual store, if you have questions write to sales@multitask.com.pa

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