Thanks to 3D technology we are manufacturing parts that allow the masks to be adjusted without producing marks, irritations and even deformations in the ears due to their constant use.

Since covid-19 arrived, masks are part of our daily routine, and outside the home we will have to use it daily and for many hours. 3D designers got down to business and quickly developed the solution.

They go by many names: ear savers, ear guards, extensions, face mask extender, mask hook, mask strap, extension buckle, ear protector, among other definitions.

They are manufactured in different sizes and colors, the purpose is the same, to avoid the damage left by long hours of work using a mask. These parts prevent the mask from fitting directly to the ear and are easy to disinfect.


Reduce pain and pressure from wearing a mask for a long time.


Lightweight, with environmentally friendly materials, which can be easy to clean, reusable, non-allergic, perfect fit to your head, maximum comfort, wraparound design, adjustable.


Compatible with masks that are adjusted by rubber bands to the ears


This mask hook can be used for long-term work, and its multi-position adjustable adjustment depending on the model makes it comfortable during work. With this mask companion, you will really make the mask comfortable for a long time.


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